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TCB Martial Arts Fees
Mat Fee for Drop-ins

If you do not want to commit to the monthly fee, and will not be a regular student, you are welcome to visit us for fun or for furthering your spectrum of the art.

$ 15.00/Class
Uniform Requirements

Karate uniform options include a traditional embroidered GI (approx. $75.00), ordered through TCB Martial Arts.  

For Krav Maga class, beginners, or drop ins, please wear comfortable sports attire that you can move freely in. 

If you sign up for 18 months your GI is included at no additional cost!
White Belt: White signifies a birth, or beginning, of a seed. A white belt student is a beginner searching for knowledge of the Art. The white belt is the beginning of life's cycle, and represents the seed as it lies beneath the snow in the winter. 

Yellow Belt: Yellow signifies the first beams of sunlight which shines upon the seed giving it new strength with the beginning of new life. A yellow belt student is given his first ray of knowledge, opening his mind, from his instructors. 

Green Belt: Green signifies the growth of the seed as it sprouts from the earth reaching toward the sun and begins to grow into a plant. A green belt student learns to strengthen and refine his techniques. 

Blue Belt: Blue signifies the blue sky as the plant continues to grow toward it. A blue belt student moves up higher in rank just as the plant grows taller. The light feeds the plant so it can continue to grow. The student is fed additional knowledge of the Art in order for his body and mind continue to grow and develop. 

Purple Belt: Purple represents the changing sky of dawn, as once again the student undergoes a new change and prepares for the transition to advanced student. A purple belt begins to understand the meaning of the black belt. 

Brown Belt: Brown represents the ripening of the seed, a maturing and harvesting process. A brown belt is an advanced student whose techniques are beginning to mature, and he is beginning to understand the fruits of his hard work as a beginner. 

Red Belt: Red signifies the red-hot heat of the Sun as the plant continues growing toward it. As a red belt student acquires more detailed knowledge, just as the plant grows slowly toward the Sun, so the red belt student learns to be more cautious with his knowledge and physical abilities. Red is a sign of danger, and the red belt is beginning to become dangerous with their knowledge and abilities. 

Black Belt: Black signifies the darkness beyond the Sun. A black belt seeks new, more profound knowledge of the Art. As he begins to teach others, he plants new seeds and helps them grow and mature. His students, many whom will form roots deep into the Art, blossom and grow through the ranks in a never-ending process of self-growth, knowledge, and enlightenment.

Karate Gi

1 class/week                             $48 per month
2 classes/week                         $88 per month
Individual Unlimited Classes    $120 per month

Family pass includes up to 4 immediate family members taking unlimited classes.
Each additional family member after 4 will be an additional $25/month.  

Monthly payments are accepted via Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Automatic Debit
Karate Belt Levels and Their Meanings